In less than a year, we have spread our wings to Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Pune and gained the trust of hundreds of our users, including the Mumbai Police Force. In our endeavor to uplift and enrich the body, mind, & soul of our women we provide health assistance from our doctors, nutritionists, and yoga gurus to provide medical, nutritional, and psychological services.
  • You are unstoppable,

  • You are strength,

  • You nurture the life,

  • Let us be your ears, your supports, and your handholds,

  • Because WE CARE,

  • FEMERA-It's safe for you.

Our Story

It was based on the thought

How can we make it happen?

After entering the health industry a few years ago, specifically in women's hygiene, I was not only eye-opened but also rattled by the products in the market that adversely affected women’s health.I learned the shocking facts about the products and its effects on women’s health. In order to gain a deeper understanding of women's health and hygiene, I interacted with women around me, read their stories and was overwhelmed to learn how ignorant we are. Since that day, I have realized that I must do something to help women. In my role as a male, it would be a tribute to all women who foster and nurture our society.

Coming from a humble family background and being raised by a superwoman whose principle for better life stands on four pillars: mind, body, soul and financial independence. Her teachings had imprinted my mind from a very young age, eventually I found women in our society also had the same quest of being financially independent.

A concern for women's health and financial well-being led to the creation of FEMERA

Make a difference for the

With your help and support, we can provide help and support to economically backward females.
Educate men and women about women's health and hygiene, assist women with medical issues, and provide the needy with sanitary packs.

How can I contribute?