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    We Care

    Improve women's mental and physical well-being, enabling them to feel more relaxed & comfortable during their period.

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    We Listen

    In order to ensure our users' health and safety, we improvise our products and services by listening to their feedback.

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    We Educate

    In our awareness programs, we emphasize the importance of women's health & hygiene and how men can help maintain women's health.

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    We Support

    Providing health professional assistance to our women is one of our most substantial commitments to promote a better and healthier lifestyle.

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    We Voice

    We address their major health concerns by becoming their voice and dispelling myths and taboos.

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    We Stand

    Providing support to our women to earn extra with the help of our products and services.

Our Products

  • ◉ Plastic free pads helping your vagina to breathe

  • ◉ A normal pad decomposes in 500-800 years, while Femera sanitary pad take 12 months

  • ◉ Contributing to make the world a better place to live

  • ◉ Certified products to help you know our pads are safe to use

Sanitary Pads

Opt for rash free and itch free biodegradable pads to avoid infections and irritations

Panty Liners

Say good-bye to prolonged wetness and discomfort